Urban furniture

amsterdam smart lighting

Amsterdam launches a modular urban lighting system

Author | Eduardo Bravo One of the goals of smart cities is resource optimisation and energy efficiency. However, today many cities still light up their streets using timers or ambient light sensors. These devices do cut down the length of time the lights are on, however, they do not control the ...
general electric smart lighting

Lighting the road to smart cities and sustainability

Author | Esther Fuldauer LEDs need less energy, that's a fact. When updated to LED, street lighting bills go down by 50%-70%, and as the price and quality of LED lighting continue to improve, costs will lower and lower. At the same time, smart lighting has been recognized as one of ...

More than just pine and cement: guidelines for smart urban furniture

Author | Eduardo Bravo Urban furniture is a good parameter for discovering a city’s personality. The design, the materials used and the location of benches, bins, post boxes, bollards, bus stops or billboards are a reflection of the municipal policies with regard to citizens and the requirements of these. Urban design experts ...