Climate change


Sweden sets an example and closes its last coal plant

Author | Jaime Ramos It was toward the end of 2015 when 195 countries signed a significant agreement at the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21). It was a historic environmental commitment, which we now know as the Paris Agreement. This document established a series of key objectives to be met by ...
Analizamos qué es la agricultura climáticamente inteligente.

Smart agriculture to tackle climate change

Author | Tania Alonso Cascallana The agricultural sector is the largest employer in the world. It is estimated to provide work and income to at least 40% of the existing population and is considered to be the main livelihood of the poorest and most vulnerable communities. In the coming decades, ...
green city in south korea

Which are the 10 greenest cities in the world?

Author | Diana Pardo Until recently, cities across the world were built without taking into account elements such as acoustic pollution, levels of CO2 emissions, air pollution or areas designed for green zones. However, today, these are priority factors for the wellbeing of citizens and the protection of the environment. Not ...