Urban Environment

To improve our urban environment, we need to beat pollution, find alternative and renewable sources of energy and create a new city planning, to improve the means of transport, buildings and road safety.

Success story: Smart litter bins in Seoul

Author | Arantxa Herranz A growing number of cities around the world are testing new smart waste management solutions with the aim of not only improving efficiency in terms of resources, but also the costs associated with keeping their streets clean. In some cases, automation is helping solve overcrowding problems that ...

Head in the clouds – Feet on the ground: radical solutions for the skyscrapers of the future

Author | Jaime Ramos This spring, the most important architecture and design magazine worldwide, eVolo, presented the prestigious skyscraper competition awards. The projects presented in the 2019 edition were, once again, an example of how technological innovation can combine with architectural functionalities capable of combating the problems facing cities today. The jury ...
Contaminación lumínica

Light pollution: a growing problem that is in no way harmless

Author | Jaime Ramos Approximately one half of the population of the European Union and over two thirds of the US population can no longer see the Milky Way. This is not a planetary alignment phenomenon, but a growing problem called light pollution. Mankind’s mark on planet Earth and the industrialisation thereof, is ...