Urban Environment

To improve our urban environment, we need to beat pollution, find alternative and renewable sources of energy and create a new city planning, to improve the means of transport, buildings and road safety.

smart infrastructures

Smart infrastructures, the key to more resilient and efficient cities

Author | Amaia Porteiro Despite the technological development of recent decades, urban infrastructures and the maintenance thereof has not changed very much over time. A contributing factor is the fear of experimenting with assets that are too valuable for the economy and which are essential for everyday life. Today, however, infrastructures are ...
Oslo y reciclaje

What we can learn from Oslo’s waste management system

Author | Jaime Ramos The way in which we manage waste has changed rapidly in recent decades. The best proof of this is the transformation of the concept of recycling from an activity with environmental and financial benefits, to an essential activity for sustainability. The revolution regarding the way we understand and ...
ciudades abandonadas smart cities que se quedaron tontas

Smart cities that failed along the way

Author | Marcos Martínez Euklidiadas Cities are dynamic bodies that tend to grow or decrease steadily over millennia, centuries or, at least, over decades. Mapping out a city and starting to build houses in the middle of nothing is rarely a good thing. An example of this are the Smart Cities ...
vienna is the best city to live in the world

Welcome to Vienna, the World’s best city to live in

Author | Eduardo Bravo The team of experts from the Economist Intelligence Unit has named Vienna as the World’s most liveable city in 2019. Behind Vienna in the group of the most liveable cities, are Melbourne, Sidney, Osaka and the three Canadian cities, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. We have to wait until position ...