Urban Environment

To improve our urban environment, we need to beat pollution, find alternative and renewable sources of energy and create a new city planning, to improve the means of transport, buildings and road safety.

Edificios de madera

Is transparent wood the building material of the future?

Author | Jaime Ramos The building industry is facing its own specific challenges in terms of sustainability. The materials used on buildings, together with the energy required to produce them, require new eco-friendly standards. In this regard, wood is set to play an important role. Global demand for wood products — Data ...
Ciudad Solar

Solar cities: an opportunity not to be missed

Author | Jaime Ramos A solar farm does not need to be located in the middle of a desert to be efficient. Nor are large areas required to exploit the full potential of solar energy. Thanks to the technological advancements of this millennium, obtaining solar photovoltaic power can be skilfully adapted ...
energia per capita consumida

Do we consume more energy per capita, or less?

Author | Marcos Martinez The total among of energy consumed worldwide is increasing with the development of civilisation, which is exponential. This aspect is what led to the Kardashev scale, which measured technological advancement based on how a civilisation used energy and it means that each year we need more resources ...