Traffic issues not only affects to the economy, but has an environmental and health cost: high levels of pollution, stress and respiratory diseases.

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Car manufacturers are aware that the future is bleak

Author | Marcos Martínez It is no secret that mobility is changing in cities. Citizens that are more committed to energy efficiency, city councils that implement measures to combat pollution and more user-friendly spaces for people, are eliminating private and polluting cars from cities. As a result, car manufacturers are now changing ...

Mexico City: a successful approach to public transportation

Author | Arantxa Herranz Mexico City covers an area that accounts for 0.1% of the country and it has a population of 8,918,653. If we take into account the entire metropolitan area, the figure stands at 21 million inhabitants. Over the last two decades, and given its growth, a series of ...
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The Last Mile issue: how can we solve urban delivery problems?

Author | Esther Fuldauer Rising traffic congestion, air and noise pollution are major challenges for cities. A big part of the congestion in city centers is caused by Urban Freight Transport (UTF), particularly during the final step of the delivery process, the so called Last Mile. Growing urbanization and e-commerce are making ...