Is it possible to reduce travel time and pollution when moving around? How can governments introduce equity and accessibility into the transportation equation?

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Black boxes in cars: safety or the beginning of the end of privacy in vehicles?

Author | Jaime Ramos Last March, the European Union announced that a regulation was going to enter into force in 2022 that would revolutionise transport. It consists of establishing 15 mandatory advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in all vehicles sold as of that year. These systems include the controversial black boxes or: ...
diesel ban in europe

Welcome to the post-diesel era. And now what?

Author | Jaime Ramos Mobility has experienced a revolution this decade, targeting the very heart of the industry. The centenary supremacy of combustion engines is swaying, with the general boom of new forms of alternative mobility and, specifically, electric cars. Diesel-powered models are the first to feel the effects of this change. ...
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Car manufacturers are aware that the future is bleak

Author | Marcos Martínez It is no secret that mobility is changing in cities. Citizens that are more committed to energy efficiency, city councils that implement measures to combat pollution and more user-friendly spaces for people, are eliminating private and polluting cars from cities. As a result, car manufacturers are now changing ...