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Collaborative economy is generating a new regenerative and distributive economic model, which will replace the current one.

city robot

Robots are already making our lives easier in these three cities

Author | Jaime Ramos The integration of artificial intelligence and robotics are one of the greatest achievements of human beings this century. This form of superior intelligence designed by Man, capable of learning and taking on any task, more than exceed the skills of its actual creators. However, it is still ...
Una mala planificación puede derivar en la creación de ciudades poco inclusivas.

Over-planning and the risk of creating less inclusive cities

Author | Tania Alonso In an increasingly technological world, millions of people lack the training required to adapt to digitalisation.  Furthermore, public administrations and private companies focus their efforts on creating smart cities that foster economic growth, without taking into account the possible creation of elements of inequality. The UNESCO estimates that ...