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Cities to live in was born in order to confront the many challenges that cities are currently facing, such us climate change, transport issues, energy production or the need to create shared cities.

Sameh Wahba resiliencia

Sameh Wahba, World Bank: “Policies that can enable the creation of denser cities may be fiscal but also administrative”

Sameh Wahba is the Global Director for the World Bank’s Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilience and Land Global Practice. An expert on urban planning and architecture, as part of his job, he supervises numerous programmes related to investment in infrastructures and practices related to urban resilience. During his participation in Smart ...
diesel ban in europe

Welcome to the post-diesel era. And now what?

Author | Jaime Ramos Mobility has experienced a revolution this decade, targeting the very heart of the industry. The centenary supremacy of combustion engines is swaying, with the general boom of new forms of alternative mobility and, specifically, electric cars. Diesel-powered models are the first to feel the effects of this change. ...