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Cities to live in was born in order to confront the many challenges that cities are currently facing, such us climate change, transport issues, energy production or the need to create shared cities.

diesel ban in europe

Welcome to the post-diesel era. And now what?

Author | Jaime Ramos Mobility has experienced a revolution this decade, targeting the very heart of the industry. The centenary supremacy of combustion engines is swaying, with the general boom of new forms of alternative mobility and, specifically, electric cars. Diesel-powered models are the first to feel the effects of this change. ...
hamburgo city state

City-states never disappeared: Hamburg, Hong Kong, Singapore

Author | Marcos Martínez The term city-state dates back to ancient history. Although the Sumerian city-states of Uruk or Lagash (5,000 BC) are very different to the Singapore or Hong Kong of today, the underlying concept is the same: the city has autonomy and it is the state. However, there is a ...
chinese waste incineration

The Chinese dilemma of waste-to-energy plants

Author | Jaime Ramos The urban growth projection for the coming decades brings with it new challenges. One of these is the issue of how to manage the waste that is generated, which is increasing at an alarming rate and particularly in specific areas of the planet. Storing and recycling waste are ...