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Cities to live in was born in order to confront the many challenges that cities are currently facing, such us climate change, transport issues, energy production or the need to create shared cities.

chinese waste incineration

The Chinese dilemma of waste-to-energy plants

Author | Jaime Ramos The urban growth projection for the coming decades brings with it new challenges. One of these is the issue of how to manage the waste that is generated, which is increasing at an alarming rate and particularly in specific areas of the planet. Storing and recycling waste are ...
salario emocional

Emotional Salary, a revolution for a new labour market

Author | Diana Pardo Fear of losing one’s job is undoubtedly the main concern during any period of recession. However, not all generations confront it in the same way. Age differences that translate into cultural divergences are changing the way we look at basic concepts such as salaries and, in fact, ...

From startup to scaleup: moving towards a new business approach

Author | Diana Pardo Over the last decade, markets and investors have focused on startups, newly established tech companies. Financed with venture capital, they pursue very specific products and services to meet a requirement that has not yet been covered. However, in reality, their explosive growth entails significant risks. Few startups ...