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Cities to live in was born in order to confront the many challenges that cities are currently facing, such us climate change, transport issues, energy production or the need to create shared cities.

Woven City

Woven City: when car manufacturers design Smart Cities

Author | Jaime Ramos We are used to seeing how car manufacturers present futuristic prototypes equipped with latest connectivity features and autonomous driving. What is not so common is to them doing this at an urban planning level. This is what Toyota is trying to do with Woven City. A living laboratory in ...
ciudades con empleo y trabajo densidad poblacional

How come cities such as Madrid, Peking or New York have more jobs?

Author | Marcos Martínez Cultural exchanges between people are a key and essential factor for any region to prosper, including cities. Historic examples illustrate that employability increased in cities interlinked by trade routes and, today, cities with larger population densities follow a similar systemic growth pattern. They create talent rather than ...
big data

The future of cities lies in data

Author | Arantxa Herranz The mantra in the technology sector is that data is the new oil. To justify this categorical statement, one simply has to realise that, in both cases, we have before us a new, powerful, extremely lucrative and rapidly growing market. A circumstance that is also generating distrust ...