Digital Transformation

Can technology build better cities? How can it boost more sustainable and inclusive communities?

ciudad hiperconectada

The next step in urban evolution: hyperconnected cities are on the way

Author | Arantxa Herranz City sensorization is already a reality in many cities across the globe. Imperceptible yet omnipresent data collection devices, and which are highly useful for a whole host of tasks (traffic management, waste collection, lighting control…) now form part of the electronic topography of any modern city. And their presence is ...
inteligencia artificial recursos

Artificial intelligence is using a growing amount of resources

Author | Marcos Martinez The power used in artificial intelligence has been doubling every 3.4 months, according to Open AI. These are completely unsustainable metrics, even eclipsing cryptocurrencies. This acceleration, measured in petaflops per day, has even defined a new period in the era of computer science, leading to what is ...
Paul Duan, cofundador y presidente de Bayes Impact.

Paul Duan, co-founder and President of Bayes Impact: “We should trust in the power of the multitude”

Author | Tania Alonso Paul Duan is the person behind Bayes Impact, an NGO that uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to resolve social problems. One of its objectives is to create citizen-led public services, in collaboration with governments and thanks to technology. Bob, an employment search tool created in coordination with ...
Kinetic for cities

Smart cities are seeking their own operating system

Author | Jaime Ramos It is 30 years since the company Maxis launched the famous city building simulation video game SimCity. At around the same time, Tim Berners-Lee unveiled his global IT network proposal, known by its initials WWW. This temporal coincidence is very useful to illustrate how, as part of ...
smart city sistemas de emergencia gestion

This is how emergency systems work in a smart city

Author | Marcos Martinez It is 8:00 p.m. in Smart City and the Sun is going down. Various areas light up on the Emergency Control Centre screen. They are simply messages to indicate that various automated emergency systems are up and running. Police vehicles are called to specific districts, an ambulance ...
smart town

How to go from being a town to a Smart Town

Author | Arantxa Herranz The massification of cities and the abandonment of rural areas is a widely explored phenomenon and for which solutions are being sought. Perhaps it is the cause or perhaps the effect, but the truth is that one consequence of this population transfer is that large investments, including ...