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Can technology build better cities? How can it boost more sustainable and inclusive communities?

African tech to locally tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Author | Eduardo Bravo One of the most repeated phrases during the COVID-19 pandemic has been that coronavirus does not distinguish between borders. However, just because the coronavirus does not have borders, does not mean that it does not differentiate between governments. While some western countries minimized the danger and reacted ...
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Can Big Data eradicate poverty?

Author | Arantxa Herranz How many people live in poverty in the world? This is a difficult figure to calculate, but recent estimates indicate that 736 million people live on less than $1.90 a day. Although this figure has fallen in recent years, the number of vulnerable people is expected to rise ...
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The (high) energy price of mass data storage

Author | Jaime Ramos Could humanity be living a particular and covert digital Diogenes syndrome? This question may seem somewhat convoluted. To unravel it, it is worth looking at one of the concerning consequences of existing data storage systems: their environmental impact. The exponential growth of Big Data (in every aspect) The relationship ...