Digital Transformation

New technologies, such us robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, as well as 5G connectivity and cloud platforms, are changing the way we live in cities.

science fiction cities

Three science fiction cities that predicted the future

Author | Jaime Ramos Science fiction is a genre in itself that combines various narratives and styles. The motivations of the characters, the different storylines and even the somewhat profound philosophical sources stem from the combination of fantasy and science. A combination which, naturally, has influenced the urban nature of human ...

Home automation and safety: New Orleans reduces its fires with minimal prior investment

Author | Eduardo Bravo According to statistics from the United States National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), most fires occur in households. This situation compromises the lives of people living in these households and their neighbours, while also generating significant costs for the treasury. According to the NFPA data, apart from the greater ...
Global Smart Cities Alliance

The G20 creates the Global Smart Cities Alliance to establish universal norms and guidelines for the implementation of technology

Author | Patricia M. Liceras Global Smart Cities Alliance. This is the name given to the network established during this year’s G20 summit to ensure the most important economies in the world work together to establish norms and values for smart cities. The aim of this collaboration is to unite municipal, regional ...
3d printing

3D printing will boost sustainable development

Author | Esther Fuldauer 3D printing belongs to a class of techniques known as additive manufacturing, which builds objects layer-by-layer rather than through molding or subtractive methods. There is an excellent variety of materials that can be used, like plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, paper, and even living cells. Additive manufacturing is leaping ...