About Tomorrow.Mag

What happens in cities shapes our world, and the great challenges of our lifetime will define the future of the global urban population: climate change, massification, resources shortage, traffic congestion, affordable housing, education and health, inequality, social justice.

A new vision of urban design requires issues such as public and private transportation to be looked at again, but also other more deep-rooted concepts such as property ownership and the use of houses, the search for work, health services and even interpersonal relations, while also serving as an incubator for new economic development formulas and focusing more closely on social dynamics. Cities and citizens must adapt to a new and changing world.

In this regard, Tomorrow.Mag aims to be a collective discussion platform –for people, institutions and businesses–, regarding the existing urban development model and the challenges it faces. We believe that technology may be the lever which, based on citizen-centric initiatives, can move the world towards a better future.


We are part of Tomorrow.City, a global platform of platforms accelerating sustainable and inclusive cities through collaborative intelligence. An initiative of Smart City Expo World Congress and Fira de Barcelona.



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