edificio de las velas de scampia con un estilo arquitectonico brutalista
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Age-friendly cities: how do they look like?

Something as simple as setting ramps in trams and buses may be helpful. But ensuring that senior citizens remain autonomous is even more important.

Which are the 10 most sustainable cities in the world?

What are the 10 most sustainable cities in the world? Join us on this trip around the world where we will discover the most sustainable metropolises.

Smart city community engagement: 4D IVR in city planning process

Virtual Reality can increase public engagement in the city planning process by making stakeholders more familiar with design. How?

New COVID-19 outbreaks: this is what the hammer and the dance will be like

Is it possible to mitigate the COVID-19 new outbreaks through a mitigation or suppression strategy? These are the current results.

The Sails of Scampia: when inclusive architecture turns against people

The Sails of Scampia was an urban project in Naples that ended up being demolished after being occupied by the Camorra. Why did it fail?

Climate change, identity and decision-making: the challenge of defending the rights of indigenous peoples in Latin America

Latin America’s indigenous population defend their right to protect their territories and make use of them, facing dire consequences for it.

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Sonia Roitman, expert in gated communities and social exclusion: “Gated communities are bad for the city and for society”

barrio cerrado
Urbanización cerrada con piscina