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Merwede, the Dutch neighbourhood where there will be one shared car for every 3 households

The neighbourhood of Merwede is being rebuilt from the ground, shaping a nearly car-free district with interior gardens in each block.

Living Concrete — How the use of microorganisms can revolutionize city building

Living concrete is a sustainable building material with many benefits. What is and how it could change the construction industry?

Is it possible to save suburbs from themselves?

Suburban living implies many challenges. How can technologies and policies be helpful to improve its sustainability?

Is transparent wood the building material of the future?

Researchers have developed a new kind of wooden material that can trap and release heat in an intelligent fashion, paving the way to more efficient homes.

Open government and citizen participation: a journey through history – Infographic

One person, one vote was not always the case. Citizen participation in government has drastically evolved through history.

Black Swan: a 100% electric passenger boat will cruise down the Seine using recycled batteries

Built for private and professional river cruises, it’s the first ship in its class to make use of reclaimed car batteries.

Facial recognition and combating crime: why biases can lead to a justice system full of prejudices

Invisible biases can be injected in facial recognition software by its programmers. A huge problem in the way of the fair application of justice.

The next step in urban evolution: hyperconnected cities are on the way

Radical digital transformation has resulted in a new way to comprehend data generated by cities, but also how services and citizens communicate with each other.

A global dilemma: will hydrogen be the fuel of the future?

Car makers continue to push hydrogen as a clean and inexhaustible oil substitute. But behind that promise, there are numerous hurdles to account for.

The autonomous car trap in terms of eliminating traffic jams

Self-driving cars won’t be of much help alleviating traffic jams, as congestion adapts to road capacity.

Artificial intelligence is using a growing amount of resources

Artificial intelligence doubles its energy consumption every few months. Widespread deployment in cities will accentuate this trend.

Woven City: when car manufacturers design Smart Cities

Spearheaded by Toyota, Woven City will be a new city in Japan pioneering new ideas and concepts in one of the world’s most densely populated countries.

How to finance the requirements of Smart Cities?

Councils need to look for new forms of generating revenue in order to pay for the costly investments that will make their cities smart.

The green transition: buildings that will combat climate change

The use of sustainable buildings and construction techniques is a necessity if we want to curb the pollution generated by cities.

How come cities such as Madrid, Peking or New York have more jobs?

The creation of high quality jobs is directly related to the number of people in a certain area. The higher the density, the more innovation there is.

Paul Duan, co-founder and President of Bayes Impact: “We should trust in the power of the multitude”

Paul Duan, co-founder and CEO of Bayes Impact, talks about his project and the importance of technology in public services and citizen participation.

Smart cities are seeking their own operating system

Cisco developes Kinetic for Cities, an operative system created to manage public services. Some cities are already trying such technology.

This is how emergency systems work in a Smart City

Dispatch centers manage first responders, firefighters and police calls. Digital transformation aim to revolutionise that kind of collaboration.

Success story: the transformation of Singapore into a sustainable garden city

Singapore’s strategy to turn the city-state into a thriving garden has yielded the kind of results that other countries seek to replicate.

These were the urban utopias that preceded us – Infographic

The perfect city has evolved over the centuries from building a large number of temples to reach to the gods to the actual technological paradigm.

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