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How cities are using collective intelligence to fight the coronavirus

In Coronavirus times, cities are turning to collective intelligence to try to stop the spread of COVID-19, being the main weapon they can count on.

Smart agriculture to tackle climate change

Climate smart agriculture (CSA) is not necessarily more sophisticated, but looks to improve production in the context of climate change.

The ruins of Pompeii talk again: The Romans were already recycling in this ancient city

Piles of trash preserved as mounds in Pompeii reveal that Romans also recycled, incorporating waste products back into the economy.

California tests driverless taxis for contactless deliveries is testing robo-taxis for contactless deliveries in California, reducing the risk of COVID-19 infection. How do they work?

María Alejandra Téllez, ClimaLab: “Young people have taken a stance with regard to climate change”

María Alejandra Téllez leads ClimaLab, an NGO that acts as a platform to Bogota’s youth regarding the problems arising from climate change.

Big data bursts onto the healthcare scene

Big data is being massively embraced in order to create real time epidemiologic studies and even specific treatments at unprecedented speeds.

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