historia de londres pandemias y enfermedades infecciosas coronavirus
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Cities around the world coordinate to combat new pandemics: that is how they want to win the battle

A new international project located in Valencia, Spain, seeks to develop common guidelines to stop the pandemic anywhere in the world.

How and why do cities die?

Cities are living organisms. They have an origin and many of them even had an end. But how do cities die?

China also aspires to have its own city of the future designed by a tech giant

Tencent is designing a car-free new city of the future in Shenzhen, China, aiming towards having it completed by 2027.

How cities around the world are tackling poverty

Some cities are tackling extreme poverty by using innovative programs in order to help homeless people to settle their lives.

Digital society facing a new challenge: Sharing data for the common good

Information shared within digital societies can be a powerful tool to fight COVID-19. But it can also lead to ethical dilemmas.

South Korea develops a blockchain system for autonomous vehicle identification

Blockchain’s potential to improve the traceability of information is being explored in varied and unexpected ways.

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