historia de londres pandemias y enfermedades infecciosas coronavirus
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What is blue energy? Lights and shadows of a promising technology

Water’s osmotic power can be a great sustainable source to generate electricity. And some companies are pursuing it.

African tech to locally tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Africa uses their own technology to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and avoid depending on foreign assistance.

Piezoelectricity: using citizens’ footsteps to generate electricity

People movements and traffic vibrations can generate enough energy to power sensors and small devices. Cities and companies are already looking into it.

What are green zones: This is how Europe wants to save its tourism from the pandemic

Tourism in Europe has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. How could the “green zoning” strategy help this sector?

The UN endorses a computerized simulation to increase the level of global development

Thanks to the Policy Priority Inference, governments and NGOs hope to create more effective policies simulating their application in the digital world.

Can Big Data eradicate poverty?

An increasing numer of governments and NGOs are learning how to use Big Data to locate and fight poverty.

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